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September 30, 2016

Forecasting Success with IoT: Visionary Control, Monitoring & Management of Our Environments.
by President-IPMCC

Escalating population growth in global south countries & expanding global consumption levels have made sustainable resource management critical on multiple fronts – Personal, professional, societal, national, etc.

“Sustainability is not just about running more efficiently or using less carbon. It’s about being able to sustain yourself in a future that’s going to be defined by disruption and change,” explains McGee Young, founder of MeterHero.

Corporate sustainable profitability (CSP) dictates that companies embrace & incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in to their business models.

IoT is promising profound impacts on consumption, management & conservation of natural resources by reducing waste & costs, increasing clean energy access & streamlining processes, thus delivering greater value from a smaller amount of resources.

Instead of being a disruptive force, IoT will be an enabling one, facilitating integration between physical & online worlds.

Sensors and Embedded Systems work together to provide one of the most important aspects of IoT: detecting changes in a device &/or environment, allowing for capture of relevant data for real-time &/or post-processing.

Changes may be physical (temperature, light, pressure, sound, motion & even air pollution) or logical (presence/absence of an electronically traceable entity, location, &/or activity).

IPMCC can help homes & businesses in replacing their old equipment with smart, energy-efficient devices such as smart light bulbs & smart lighting systems, smart water & wastewater systems, smart taps, smart thermostats, smart air conditioners, smart home entertainment systems, smart window shades, smart office gadgets, smart security cameras, smart locks, etc.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication feature of IoT enables above smart, connected devices to talk to each other over wireless networks (Wi-Fi).

Thus, enabling users to program devices to turn on & off at pre-set times, or be paired with other devices so they operate only when needed, & even receive device alerts & updates; all via mobile apps!

For example, if motion sensor indicates room is occupied, smart air conditioner & smart lights can be programmed to turn on; then switch off, when room empties.

IMPCC is Sri Lanka’s First Green-IoT Project Promoter for Smart Homes, Smart Offices, Smart Infrastructure & Smart Cities!

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