Smart Electric Vehicle Solutions

With the increasing prices of fossil fuels, and global trends pointing in the direction of eco-friendly technologies and processes, IPMCC is proud to introduce 100% electric commercial transport solutions through our world-renowned partners, distributed locally through Metro Lanka EV Tech (Pvt) Ltd.

Over the past decade, electric fleets were not feasible due to the drawbacks of charging times, high cost of electricity, and investment, offering a poor ROI. By strategically selecting local partners in the region, we offer not only the fleet of electric vehicles, but also charging solutions to best suit your specific case, after-sales servicing and maintenance to ensure smooth operations, as well as financing options aligned with “going-green” policies, to ensure you receive the very best benefits on offer.

Our solutions offer:

  • Cheaper cost per KM than fuel-based transport solutions
  • Extended range between charges
  • Extremely low-cost maintenance
  • Quick-charging and quick-swap to ensure near-immediate turn-around time
  • Access to growing network of public-charging stations
  • Offset electricity costs with solar energy

To offer an economical electric vehicle solution, IPMCC’s vehicular partner CENNTRO AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY provides a versatile fleet of CUVs and three-wheeler models, to suit a variety of applications including:

  • Urban Logistics
  • Micro cold chain and logistics
  • Urban Services
  • Multi-Personnel Transport

To find out how your organisation can transition to a more cost-effective, efficient, environmentally-conscious through our smart electric vehicles, contact us now!


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