Organic Waste Management Solutions

IPMCC has partnered with GAIA CORPORATION as Business and Solutions Consultants for Sri Lanka and Maldives, bringing a unique on-site odour-free solution of handling food waste. Gaia food dryers process food waste through automated systems, by using heat and mechanical mixing, and produces two sterile reusable resources: water and biomass.

Gaia food dryers are available in various batch sizes, ranging from 30 kgs per day, and industrial-scale dryers which process up to 200 tonnes. The process of drying typically takes 5-7 hours. The process used by Gaia food dryers is package tolerant, meaning package waste is broken up during the drying process, ensuring all organic waste is processed. A simple screening process allows for this packaging to be recovered.

The organic waste powder produced in this drying process can be used in multiple applications including biomass fuel, feedstock for anaerobic digestors, as well as animal feed. The nature of this resultant output depends on the composition of the organic waste fed into the system

Benefits of using Gaia Food Dryers:

  • Reduce waste disposal and transportation frequency and costs
  • Simple and robust automated batch drying system
  • Reduce odours and vermin attraction
  • Range of sizes from 30 kg up to 200 tonnes / day
  • Accepts many contaminated and packaged food wastes
  • Enables conversion of food waste to Biomass and recovery of recyclable packaging

For more information on how Gaia food dryers can be used in your organisation, click on our URL or contact us today!

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