Why need for International Project Management Consultants Consortium (IPMCC) in Sri Lanka?

Our organization adds value to our clients' business by leveraging strategic benefits of a PMO (Project Management Office), operating according to worldwide standards/best practices set by Project Management Institute (PMI); & related support services.

We utilize emerging & leading-edge technologies & progressive methodologies - Cloud, Mobile, Social, IoT, Agile, Lean, etc. - in our consulting work, assuring rapid response times & optimal business results.

Rapid globalization & exponential technology growth have impacted industry sectors, society & human behaviour, including cost-effective business & engagement models, such as Business-To-Customer (B2C), Business-To-Business (B2B) & Customer-To-Customer (C2C).

At IPMCC, we conduct a full 360° review of clients' company (its processes, technologies & people), identify current & potential challenges & issues, etc., using 5W1H Method for Cause-Effect Analysis.

Our well-designed analyses help clients identify optimization targets, whether it is during project stage or in organizational area.

We help proactively map future of our clients' business & reengineer their operations, innovations & strategies, with ICT as the primary connecter.

We will help clients identify & circumvent near-future business disruptions & competitive threats while simultaneously entering in to profitable partnerships.

In the end, we hope to enable our clients survive, thrive & grow in new world order of commerce, trade & technology.

If answered YES for all below, you need to call us right away for no-fee-first-time consultation!

  • Is your organization yet to establish its own Project Management Office (PMO) or function according to a well-developed, personalized Project Management Framework?
  • Are your projects lacking team members with PMI-certified Project Management skills?
  • Are your projects over-budget, over-schedule & floundering with scope creep, changing requirements & quality issues?
  • Is your organization utilizing the most profitable business &/or customer experience model, projects, operations, processes & workflows, in maximum complement with today's Globalized, Agile, Real-Time, fully Digitized Business World?

Our Achievements, Partnerships & Solutions-At-Work

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September 30, 2016

Forecasting Success with IoT: Visionary Control, Monitoring & Management of Our Environments. by President-IPMCC Escalating population growth in global south countries & expanding global consumption levels have made sustainable resource management critical on multiple fronts – Personal, professional, societal, national, etc. “Sustainability is not just about running more efficiently or using less carbon. It’s about

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